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A big heartfelt THANK YOU to all artists and participants who came to STF 2024!! We had around 400 registered dancers, from over 40 countries all over the world, plus many hundred local visitors coming and contributing to the special STF vibe.

Much love, and hope to see you all back next year!    (prel. dates for STF 2025 are April 14th - 21st)

Jonas Nermyr & Andrew Liebmann - Producers/Artistic Directors

NOTE: The website still has info from 2024, just to show the festival set-up, etc.

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We offer a full packed festival week with shows & performances, live music, jams, battles & competitions, and much more!

Classes for all levels, from absolute beginner to professional.

Experience world-class tap dance, with some of the most accomplished artists and teachers in the field.

Come meet dancers from all around the world, get loads of inspiration, and have an awesome time!


        Sponsor a dedicated & talented dancer!

        We are seeking individuals, organizations, and corporations in a position to partner with us to support an essential cause that lies at the heart of our festival – providing scholarships to talented dancers who lack the financial means to attend. More details: STF Patrons & Sponsorships

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        STF 2024 is supported by the City of Stockholm and The Swedish Arts Council